The Discovery of Radium / Marie Curie's miracle treatment


by Morgen Jahnke

One of many central paradoxes of scientific analysis and technological improvement is that whereas each new discovery brings beforehand unknown potentialities to gentle, these discoveries may have adverse results that will not be readily obvious. For instance, sure medicines might present thrilling new therapy choices, however it’s solely later that their unwanted effects come to gentle. One of the obtrusive examples of this was the thalidomide scandal within the late 1950s, when hundreds of girls took this drug to fight morning illness throughout being pregnant, and it was later discovered to trigger start defects. Equally, within the 19th century, opium was considered a cure-all earlier than its extremely addictive nature was totally understood.

Alongside the identical strains, Marie Sklodowska Curie’s discovery of the factor radium in 1898 at first appeared to paved the way to quite a lot of novel medical remedies, however because the properties of radioactive supplies turned higher recognized, radium’s well being advantages got here to appear extra restricted. As soon as added to all the things from toothpaste to face cream, radium’s status went from innovative to harmful inside just a few quick a long time.

The Ingredient of Shock
Marie Curie’s eventual discovery of radium was first set into movement by the analysis of French physicist Henri Becquerel, who seen that supplies containing uranium produced rays that fogged photographic plates. Wanting into this phenomenon additional, Marie Curie discovered that not solely uranium, but additionally the factor thorium, induced these results no matter their bodily state (for instance, dry or moist, crushed or strong), and from this deduced that the rays had been a part of the weather’ atomic make-up. She coined the phrase “radioactivity” to explain this property of those two components, and together with different scientists of the time, opened the best way to a brand new understanding that the atom was not the smallest unit of matter, however that even smaller particles (notably electrons) existed inside it.

Constructing on this info, and on her statement that two uranium-containing compounds, pitchblende and chalcolite, produced rather more radiation than uranium alone, Marie Curie speculated that there have been different, as but unknown, components in these compounds. After in depth experimentation, aided by her husband Pierre Curie, Marie Curie was in a position to establish two new components in pitchblende, which she referred to as polonium (after her native Poland), and radium (after the Latin phrase for “ray”). Though the method of isolating radium concerned processing a ton of pitchblende with a purpose to acquire only a fraction of a gram of radium, even with comparable ranges of effort, the Curies discovered that it was unimaginable to isolate polonium. Afterward, when the precept of radioactive decay was developed, scientists realized that the quick half-life of polonium—138 days—was the rationale for this downside.

Radium Reign
With the assistance of business companions who may produce radium rather more shortly of their processing amenities than it was potential to do within the lab, the Curies started to develop new makes use of for this marvelous materials. Nonetheless, the Curies by no means turned wealthy due to their discovery, however as a service to the scientific group and the remainder of the world, freely shared their methodology of acquiring radium. One of many first makes use of of radium was as an anti-cancer therapy, owing to its noticed potential to break tissue. The ensuing therapy, often known as Curietherapy in France, and radiumtherapy elsewhere, continues to be utilized in some cases to deal with most cancers right this moment.

Nonetheless, as with all well being fad, there are those that take it too far, normally for monetary achieve. As a result of radium was seen as offering well being advantages in a single space, its use was expanded to different areas for which there was no confirmed profit. This was particularly the case within the 1920s, when promoting campaigns for face lotions with names resembling Tho-Radia and Radior claimed that “the superb Vitality of Radium has proved a boon to the human pores and skin.” What purchasers of those merchandise didn’t notice was that the “glow” they had been searching for was not essentially the sort they might really obtain.

Shedding Its Glow
In reality, the luminescent property of radium was exactly what made it engaging to producers of clocks, watches, and different technical devices, for whom its glow-in-the-dark potential was commercially advantageous. Nonetheless, using radium-based paints for such purposes was finally discovered to be extraordinarily harmful, after many employees uncovered to the paint died from the results of radiation.

The rising consciousness of radium’s toxicity made it appear much less and fewer suited to normal use, and when Marie Curie died in 1934, it was speculated that her publicity to radiation performed an element in her demise. Scientists now know that radium damages bone marrow notably, as a result of the physique treats it as calcium, depositing it within the bones and offering it quick access to the marrow.

Though the advantages of radium fall far in need of what it was as soon as believed it may do, with cautious dealing with radium nonetheless proves helpful in medical therapy and scientific analysis. As well as, the story of its discovery is inspiring and laid the groundwork for a lot of different vital advances in science. However the subsequent time you hear one thing being praised as a miracle cure-all, do not forget that the reality could also be extra sophisticated than it appears.—Morgen Jahnke

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